3 minutes with…Kirsten Stanisich, co-founder of Richards Stanisich

We sat down with Kirsten Stanisich, co-founder of Richards Stanisich and interior designer working on The Rathbone.

Kirsten shares the design ethos of Richards Stanisich and insights into why she’s excited to be working on the design of The Rathbone to create luxury apartment living.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about Richards Stanisich?
    Richards Stanisich is an interior design and architecture practice based in Sydney. We love great design and working with great people. We take on large and small projects across retail, residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. The breadth of our scope of work allows for constant excitement and the cross-pollination of ideas to bring fresh perspectives.
  1. With a wealth of experience in the residential sector, what’s one of the current trends in apartment design?
    While there are many upcoming trends, one of the biggest changes is that many people are now a lot more connected to their residential space. Two or three years ago we spent more time outside our homes, and the pandemic has had a massive impact. Now we are finding that work, life and play within our own space is becoming more important. This is the idea of zoned space. A few years ago it was about open plan living; now it’s about separation.
  1. Why is good design important?
    Especially with apartment living, good design is essential to ensure that you’re economical about how you use your space. Good design gives purpose to each space, even if the purpose is for you do no nothing in it. It’s good design that creates a sense of luxury.
  1. What does “luxury” mean when it comes to apartment design?
    Luxury is an interesting word. It means different things to different people. Luxury is about something that we highly value. It isn’t just about having the most expensive stone on your benchtop. It’s about creating an energy and sensory experience that resonates with people.

  1. Why are you excited about working on The Rathbone?
    It’s so exciting to work on a project of this scale. It’s a fantastic residential project with amenity, location, quality design and a dedicated team making The Rathbone something really special to work on. I’m also very excited by the use of natural materials that form part of the interior design of the residences. We’ve got a beautiful granite stone that runs through the kitchen and bathroom space which is really special. In contrast to the urban environment, these types of materials make lovely design features. We live in dense environments, coming home and feeling like you can recharge is super important.
  2. What is it about The Rathbone’s location in Surry Hills that you love?
    You can walk to the park, the connection back to green and leafy streets, cafes, the Surry Hills library and bike path. I’ve worked in Surry Hills for 25 years and I love the area and its energy, even as it’s changed over time.