3 minutes with…Rodney Blackman, Sales Executive The Rathbone

  1. Have you noticed any purchasing trends during your 35 years in the property industry?
    Apartment living has become much more popular and less stigmatized. Due to population density and urban growth the Australian dream has expanded. Originally people were after the traditional quarter acre block with a white picket fence and now they understand they can bring up their families in expansive apartments on the city fringe close to it all.
  1. In your experience, what are the key factors that have attracted purchasers to The Rathbone?
    Many of our purchasers are loving the double story apartment offering at The Rathbone. This style of apartment provides the feeling that you’re in a terrace home which is very iconic and typical of Surry Hills living. The other motivating factor is the price, we are affordable without compromising on quality which is very important to our buyers. The fact that The Rathbone is a boutique development, with just 32 apartments is also attractive to buyers.
  1. Do you feel that purchasers’ expectations, wants and needs have changed over time?
    The main motivator for any purchaser has always been budget, amenity, and location. The main change I’ve seen overt time is a shift in mindset, especially amongst young people. In Sydney many first home buyers are unable to break into the housing market as they are being priced out of standalone dwellings. This has seen their focus shift to apartment living in the inner suburbs or on the city fringe.
  1. Drawing on your 35 years if industry experience, what elements do you believe are required to create the ideal residential development?
    Variety in apartment design is critical, a good mix of different sized apartments in the one development including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom offerings is ideal. Quality of finishing’s is also important.
  1. And finally, why is The Rathbone such a unique property?
    Surry Hills is one of the most researched locations in Australia by property hunters, so we’re very fortunate we’re in a fantastic location. We’re right on the inner-city fringe so you still have easy access to the city without inner city prices. The CBD can get a bit grey and boring and sterile. People love Surry Hill because it’s colourful. It’s got personality and there are coffee shops and restaurants everywhere.

    Residents of The Rathbone will also enjoy easy access out to the eastern distributor, taking you straight to the airport. But more importantly what people have liked about The Rathbone is that it’s very hard to get this close to the city without buying into a development that includes a hundred apartments.