A unique way of life

Surry Hills is the perfect blend of local pubs and cafés, iconic parks and historical landmarks. It’s colourful and creative, with both a rough charm and a polished finish. Welcome to ‘Surry’.

Professionals who are choosing to live in Surry Hills are as varied as the eateries that bring the suburb to life. Some have busy creative practices and work from home. Some have worked in the same big city firm for 15 years, walk into the city every day and love their regular gym visits. There are also those who have simply downsized and live to socialise, and Surry Hills is one of those dynamic neighbourhoods that caters to all. 

To be just right for every Surry type, the ideal Surry Hills home should be well-planned, open, easy to maintain, cleverly designed to maximise space, and flow around daily life. Apartments at The Rathbone do all this and more. From the moment you wake up, a tailored lifestyle is just outside your door. The Rathbone apartments take you from morning to night without skipping a beat, with your home being a haven among the buzz of markets, boutiques and bars.

Just a stone’s throw from the Sydney CBD and on the doorstop of Oxford Street, The Rathbone is adjacent to buses, trains and the Eastern Distributor, with the myriad transport options and major thoroughfares complemented by the serene beauty of Moore and Centennial Parks. 

Surry Hills is central, accessible, and the perfect place to carve out the lifestyle you deserve, as generations before have done (if Surry Hills’ streets and lanes could talk, they’d surely tell some colourful tales). Once populated with vast colonial mansions and charming rows of Victorian terraces, the local streets soon became home to a variety of local businesses. 

Over the decades, Surry Hills has been the heart of the underworld grog trade, a mecca for European migrants and the epicenter of the 80s club scene. Today, Surry Hills is home to inner-city professionals, who, in turn, inform the style of residences now being built. The Rathbone is the epitome of urban-chic, with interiors designed by SJB to be imaginative spaces that capture the attention and deliver comfort and delight. 

SJB Interiors are acclaimed design leaders with multi-award winning projects under their belts. Their brief was to create a series of serene spaces that offer a respite from the frenetic pace of urban life. Each apartment has been designed with enduring quality in mind, with a fresh and contemporary feel, that expresses today’s evolving lifestyle.

A place to savour in solitude or share with friends while immersing yourself in the city’s most stylish suburb. Welcome home.

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